Defining Your Style Type


Style is a way to express yourself and share your individuality with the world. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd and creates a memorable impression of you on others, whether it’s with your hairstyle or clothing.

There are many different styles to choose from and it can be hard to know what’s appropriate for your personal style. The first step is to define your style type, which will help you narrow down which direction you want to go in and give you a framework for your shopping and fashion decisions moving forward.

You’re a Light Academia Aesthetic

If you embody the light academia aesthetic, you likely find inspiration and solace in art, literature, and writing, and dress in ways that evoke those things. You wear pieces that are comfortable and polished, like crewneck sweaters, tweed blazers, pleated skirts, button-down shirts, and cardigans. You also like to layer up, especially in autumn and winter.

You’re a Dark Academia Aesthetic

The dark academia aesthetic is based on an escapist vibe. You love to get lost in books, and you dress in ways that bring you to Hogwarts or the classic libraries every time you put on an outfit. You’re a fan of cozy, autumnal palettes with browns, beiges, and chestnuts. You also love to wear a lot of plaids and chambrays, as well as neutral colors like black, white, and cream.

You’re a Maximalist Aesthetic

The maxi-style aesthetic is all about having fun and expressing yourself through fashion. You love to play with patterns, bright colors, lots of layering, and audacious silhouettes. This vibe is super trendy right now and is sure to get you a lot of compliments!

You’re a Descriptive Aesthetic

When you read, you experience the story in a sensory way. Rather than simply stating what happened, you are able to imagine the scenario and feel the emotions of each character. In addition to sensory words, this style uses poetic imagery and similar devices to paint a vivid picture of the event.

You’re a Persuasive Aesthetic

When writing, you can use a persuasive style to influence people in your opinion. This can be through an essay, a speech, or a cover letter. You can also use this style in advertisements and media articles to sway people into thinking a certain way.

You’re a Style-Addict Aesthetic

The style-addict aesthetic is all about trying new trends and being adventurous with your style. You’re always on the hunt for new trends and like to try new clothing pieces that are different from what everyone else is wearing. You like to experiment with bold patterns and colors, and you always find a way to make something your own!

You’re a Statement Aesthetic

If you embody the statement aesthetic, you love to create unique looks that are all about you. You are a confident person who wants to make an impression on other people. You love to make a statement with your clothing and makeup, and you’re always on the lookout for new trends that are going to help you achieve that!