Popular Men’s Hairstyles


An updo is a type of hairstyle where your hair is arranged in a way that makes it point up. It can be a simple ponytail or a more elaborate style. Hair ornaments can be worn to add interest to the style but do not hold the hair in place. In the 17th century, wigs were often long and wavy. However, by the mid-18th century, wigs tended to be shorter and were usually made of a white material. Afterwards, natural hair was powdered to give the appearance of a short wig. A small tail was tied behind the head.

Another popular men’s hairstyle is the comb back. This style is easy to pull off and is versatile enough for a variety of occasions. Combing hair back in the front creates volume and is flattering for most face shapes. Medium-length hair is best for this style as it is easier to maintain and can look great with various hair textures. To get the best out of a comb back, however, make sure to brush it against the grain as this can damage the follicles.

An oval-shaped face is an ideal candidate for a side-swept ponytail or blunt bob. These styles will frame an oval-shaped face and add volume to a face that is otherwise flat. Side-swept bangs can also add a balancing effect to an oval-shaped face without cutting the length. And if you’d rather wear long hair, a high ponytail can also frame the face. Then, a lob haircut can also help add width to the jawline.

For those unfamiliar with the style, Bantu knots have been around for centuries. Often called chiney bumps, Bantu knots pack two looks into one. In addition to providing protection, Bantu knots also add a unique style to a head. A bantu knot is often made of braids. The result is a unique combination of a traditional protective style and a trendy hairstyle. They have a wide range of uses.

Choosing a hairstyle based on your lifestyle is vital. Your face shape should match the style you choose. No one wants to meet someone with an unsuitable hairstyle. If your life demands that you look good, consider your lifestyle and work schedule. A complicated hairstyle might be a hassle for the regular office worker. For example, a complicated cut requires a lot of time to maintain and may not suit you if you have a busy schedule.

The French braid is a more complicated style that requires more steps but will give you a chic, feminine look. Start by sectioning your hair at the front and adding three pieces toward the forehead. Make sure you pull a little bit more each time to ensure a secure braid. Repeat the process all the way down, and finish with a hair tie. This hairstyle will look amazing. A perfect hairstyle for a wedding or a special event.