Fashion Apparel

Fashion is a kind of autonomy and self-expression at a given time and place and in a given context, usually of clothing, shoes, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyles, and other body postures. In its general usage, the word also means a style defined by the fashion business as what is trendy at a certain time. The term can refer to a style that one feels is hot or what looks stylish or trendy. However, in a fashion more than just the words, it is about the attitude of the people wearing them. Fashion designers describe the kind of clothes or accessories to be worn to project the desired fashion mood of the people who are wearing them.


For example, a dress could be described as fashionably feminine if it emphasizes a slim waistline and enhances the buttocks, or if it accentuates curves and is low cut. High necklines and gowns can be considered as fashionably sexy and can accentuate a feminine shape. A dress that is demure but accentuates the hips, legs, and arms can be considered trendy. Similarly, a casual garment that is warm and comfortable and has colorful designs can be considered a fashionable garment.

Another important aspect of fashion is the material used to make the garment. One can find a wide variety of materials in many different styles. Silk is popular for high fashion but also available in very fine fibers such as cashmere, suede, velvet, chiffon, Georgette, and linen. A garment that is heavily accented with expensive fabrics that are very smooth to touch and soft to the touch is considered very luxurious. For the average person, a simple cotton or denim shirt and basic sneakers or socks is considered an everyday casual wear.

Accessories are often used with fashion garments to enhance their appeal and functionality. Bags are an important part of accessorizing, especially as they are often used to display accessories like jewelry and other decorative items. One can find a bag in a multitude of styles and designs. The shape of the bag is often based on function rather than fashion. For example, an oversized bag may be designed for traveling, while a small clutch bag may be ideal for carrying small necessities like makeup and other personal items.

One final decorative element of fashion apparel is accessories, or purses and bags. These are usually made of thin materials that match the style and color of the garment. The purses and bags are used to store cosmetics, personal items, belts, sunglasses, etc. They can also be used to hold keys, cell phones, wallets, purses, and shoes. The purse or bag can be seen as an accessory that coordinates with the rest of the outfit.

The last decorative element of fashion apparel is the sleeves. Sleeveless apparel are very common these days, since most people wear short sleeves. The sleeve can either be part of the sleeve or it can be worn over the entire sleeve. If the sleeve is worn over the entire outfit, it is called a tube top. The sleeve can either be full length or just below the wrist.