The Different Types of Writing Style

There are many different types of writing style, each characterized by a particular period, individual, or nation. The style of a writer’s language is also a defining characteristic of the period and school where he or she attended school. In English, a writer may use one or more of the following three writing styles: formal, informal, and colloquial. However, each of these styles has its own specific characteristics. For instance, a student who writes a persuasive essay should follow a particular writing format.


The first style rule explains how to create a consistent look for a page. For example, a blog post should have a simple, no-fail style. A blogger who is trying to attract readers should be aware of the rules of blog writing. While there is no universal rule for style, the following tips will help you get started. When a writer is experimenting with different writing styles, he or she should be aware of these differences and adhere to them.

Changing the style of a document is not an impossible task. If you’re writing an academic paper, modifying the style in Word’s formatting options is the best way to make any necessary changes. Most style guides are updated on a regular basis, but new projects often require more frequent revision. The APA Manual of Style is currently in its seventeenth edition, while the ASA manual is in its fourth edition. For each of these styles, a different revision control system is used.

In addition to defining the author’s voice, a style can also define a specific piece’s aesthetic attributes. A readable piece of writing can be branded based on the author’s preferred style. For instance, a writer may choose a font that looks best on a computer screen, while a text that appears too small may look ugly. If a writer uses a different font, a reader might think it is not very well written.

Another key to understanding the difference between writing styles is the use of different styles. A writer can adopt a single style for a piece of writing, or use several. Whether a writer uses the Associated Press style or Chicago style, the author should follow a style that is appropriate for the genre in question. These standardized writing styles will allow the reader to identify the author’s voice and ensure a reader that they have read the same text.

In a readable document, the style is the way it looks. For example, a print-friendly style will use boldfaced text. A readable version will use the aforementioned style. If the text is written in an expository style, it is a good idea to include an introductory paragraph. If the author has a specialized audience, he or she may write a book in this genre. The specialized writing style will be more likely to be less personal.