Fashion Design

Fashion is an art form and self-definition in a certain context and at a certain time, of apparel, footwear, accessories, hair style, cosmetics, hairstyling, and physique. The word signifies a particular look characterized by the fashion industry that as such is prevailing at any given time. The evolution of fashion is continuously visible throughout history, for example, during the Roman, Greek and Egyptian times. In the latter period, fashion included not just clothing but also the lifestyle of the citizens. One of the first recorded fashion statements was the wearing of the tights, which were regarded as an important fashion accessory in the period of the Romans. Later on, the concept of fashion developed to include not only the dress code but also the jewelry and adornments worn by men.


From ancient times, fashion has been associated with the concept of female beauty. Fashionable women from antiquity wore a variety of accessories to enhance their physical attractiveness and to make them more attractive. The most common fashion designs for women were dresses, which were long and flowing and could be accessorized with belts and other such items. The Ancient Egyptians and the Ancient Romans were famous for the elaborate costumes they designed, which were specifically intended to enhance the physical beauty of women.

Today, fashion design covers a wide range of activities, which can be categorized into different types. Within the broader umbrella of fashion design, there are the various ways in which women dress, such as prom night wear, office attire, formal and party wear, evening wear, etc. The men’s wear is also a significant category of fashion, which includes casual wear, sports wear and work wear. For the women, the most common types of fashion designs include evening gowns, casual dresses, holiday wear, bridal wear, and the like.

In fashion design, it is essential to understand the role that fashion plays in women’s lives. Since society still regard women as sex objects, it is imperative that fashion is given a prominent place in the lives of women. As women become more independent, they no longer depend completely upon their husbands or other family members to provide them with material needs, which are usually provided for them by men.

Today, more young women are taking up a career as fashion designers. The reason behind this career change is simple – women are now able to fulfill their dreams of looking beautiful without having to answer to their husbands or their family. On the contrary, in the past it was not very easy for women to pursue a career in fashion design, as it was not very competitive. However, today the situation is quite different, especially with the introduction of the fashion world show in the US and other western countries. With so many shows being held almost every week, there are many opportunities for women to get a chance to showcase their talents and to get hired by one of the big fashion houses.

Fashion designers are not only limited to designing clothes, they can also work for textile manufacturers or fashion consultants. Some of the well-known designers that have gained recognition and have developed a name for themselves in the US include Christina Perrin, John Galliano and Liz Claiborne. All these designers have earned great fame and respect in the fashion world. Even though they started out as clothing designers, their influence has extended beyond clothing and into marketing fashion. It is even said that in the coming years the number of female designers will increase even further.