Fashion Shows & Fashion Designers

Fashion is basically a style of dressing and self-expression in a certain time and context and in a certain social setting and at a certain era. The word “fashion” means a style defined by the fashion business as what is trendy at any given time. So, this includes not just clothes but all accessories used with the clothes, jewelry, make-up, footwear and other things that can be worn with a dress. Fashion has been around for thousands of years and it started as being fashionable in the Greek and Roman times. With the passage of time fashion changes with time. In modern times it has become so popular that it now has even spread among the youth.

However, this does not mean that everybody who designs clothes and accessories is highly regarded as a fashion designer. Only those designers who have established a name for themselves in this field are highly regarded. There are various design schools and fashion weeks in every city where aspiring designers apply to become one of them. Those who make it through the cut are considered great and are given a chance to attend fashion shows and work with famous designers. This allows them to experience different cultures and styles and to understand their designing process better.

These designers usually attend fashion shows to display their works. At fashion shows, they are shown by the people in the clothes they designed and try to catch the eye of the watchers. When they are selected as a future fashion designer, they have to attend fashion weeks to present their latest designs. It is here that they are required to have excellent talent and understanding of the way their clothes should look and be designed.

Another thing, which distinguishes fashion from other art forms is that fashion must express human body properly. No fashion will work well if the human body present in the clothes or upholstery is not in accordance with the style chosen. The fashion designers must therefore understand the style followed by women and then should adapt the style to suit the body.

Fashion designers are known to work on several stages at the same time. During the presentation stage, they test different clothing and their design to check whether it goes well on the body or not. The following stage includes testing it during different weather conditions outside the fashion show venue and choosing the ones that go well with the weather. After the weather conditions, the fashion show venue must be chosen by the designer so that it looks good on the crowd.

Fashion shows and fashion designers are an interesting mix. They have the passion of fashion combined with technical know-how. It is rare to find a fashion designer who has not studied fashion at some point of his life. Hence it is very likely that the fashion industry will be around for a long time to come.