What Is a Hairstyle?

Hairstyle is the term for the way that someone styles their hair. It’s usually a combination of cutting and styling techniques, but can also be affected by cultural, cosmetic, and practical considerations. The hairstyle itself may be accentuated with makeup and accessories. A hairstyle often takes into account the shape of the face, which can help to draw attention to certain features and minimize others.

A hairstyle can be changed by adding or removing a fringe, or bangs, which are generally cut to sit at the eyebrow line, above the eyes, or slightly on either side of the forehead. A fringe can be swept back over the shoulders or pulled into a side-swept swoop. Various hairstyles can also involve creating volume on top of the head, such as a pompadour or a voluminous bun. Hairstyles can be accentuated by the addition of highlights, or lowlights, which are added to the hair to create a natural-looking glow on the scalp and add depth.

The term hairstyle can also refer to the way that someone wears their beard or moustache, and it’s often influenced by culture, fashion, or tradition. For example, the classic 60s style of a beehive or mop topped with a flower was a popular style for women who wanted to appear glamorous and elegant.

Another type of hairstyle is the bob, which typically reaches the collarbones and became popular in the early ’60s after celebrities like The Ronettes wore it on the silver screen. A bob can be straight, wavy, or curly, and it can have a slight bevel to create more softness and texture. It can also have bangs, which can be layered, brushed off to the side (as in this photo), tucked behind the ears, or swept up into a classic ponytail.

If you have a blunt cut, it means you’re a no-nonsense, go-getter who values logic and sets clear goals. If you have layers, it’s a sign that you tend to be a perfectionist, and you want your hair to be exactly as you imagine it.

You can use a hairstyle to express your mood, or simply to look good. A sleek bob or a messy bun can be a great choice for a night out, while a chignon or a French braid might work well for a casual event. In any case, it’s always best to consult a professional stylist for the right hairstyle to complement your facial shape and other personal features. They can recommend a cut that’s both flattering and easy to maintain. They can also help you with color selection to ensure that your new look will last and grow out beautifully.