What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a multi-billion dollar global industry that encompasses the design, manufacture, and marketing of clothing, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and jewellery. It involves the integration of cultural aesthetics into products that are designed to appeal to people as a means of self-expression, social status, and belonging. Fashion changes with the times and is influenced by culture, society, politics, economics, and history. It also has a tendency to be cyclical, wherein certain styles that are popular in one time period will be deemed ‘out of fashion’ and then reappear at a later date.

The fashion industry is mostly dominated by women, but there are men who have become successful in this field too. They are called trendsetters and they often create designs that break from the conventional and traditional. They are mostly known for their creativity, flamboyance and style. Some of them have become cult figures in the world of fashion.

Aside from creating their own fashion lines, they also work for renowned companies. This allows them to experience the whole process of designing from start to finish. They get their inspiration from various sources – magazines, movies, music videos, etc.

They usually begin by drawing a sketch and then putting it onto paper. A pattern is then made from the sketch. A sample garment is then made to ensure that the pattern is functional and fits well. Once the sample is approved, a toile or muslin is made from it and then fitted on a model. The designer will then make any adjustments to the original design that is needed. Once they are happy with the results, they will consult a professional pattern maker who will then make a finished and working version of the design.

Once the garment is ready, it can be worn and evaluated for any problems. If necessary, minor alterations are made. This is followed by the production of the actual garment. The finished product is then sold at a store or online.

There are some people who feel that fast-paced changes in fashion reflect many of the negative aspects of capitalism. Other people, especially young people, enjoy the diversity that changing fashions can provide and see it as a way of expressing themselves.

The term “fashion” can be derived from the Latin word, for what is in style or popular. Alternatively, it can also mean the prevailing customs and practices of a society, culture or age group. Thus, fashion can mean the mode or prevailing style of dress or a particular manner of grooming, etiquette and socializing. It can also refer to a fad or trend, which are short-lived and usually followed by other groups. The term can also describe a particular type of costume, such as a specific kind of coat or shoe. It can even mean a particular color or haircut. For example, a particular shade of lipstick may suddenly become popular among teenagers. This popularity is often referred to as a ‘fad’ or a ‘trend’.