What Is Style?

A style is a characteristic way of acting, dressing, speaking, or behaving, usually marked by elegance and good taste. It may also refer to a particular manner of design, construction, or execution in any art form, such as the baroque style or the Georgian style of architecture.

There are many different ways to describe style, but most of them focus on the distinctions that make a performance or production stand out from others. Often these distinctions are the result of following certain conventions, as in the way that a dancer follows the movements taught to her or that a painter follows the rules of composition. But they can also be the result of an intention to portray a character or social role, as in when a girl dresses in a certain fashion to appear at a party or when a company chooses a modern building style to project a forward-looking image.

In writing, a writer’s style is what distinguishes their work from others. The pacing, word choice, and tone of their writing all contribute to the overall effect of the piece. Every author has a unique style, which they develop over the course of their career as they learn how to communicate their ideas effectively. In the same way, an actor or musician develops a distinctive performing style that becomes their signature.

While individual styles may be very distinct, they often draw on literary traditions. For example, a writer may use simple sentences with few adjectives because they were influenced by Ernest Hemingway. The style of a writer can also be described as being classical, romantic, or contemporary.

Although there are many online quizzes to determine your style, determining your personal style is a more in-depth process than simply taking a picture of yourself and deciding whether you’re boho or classic. In order to understand your personal style, you’ll need to spend some time reflecting on your core values, diverse background, specialized skills, adaptability, passion projects, and problem-solving abilities. You may even want to interview your former co-workers about what makes you unique and how they have seen you showcase these qualities in previous roles.

In the end, it’s important to find your own style because that is the only way you will be able to express yourself. Once you do, you’ll be able to craft an impressive resume that showcases your best qualities and gives potential employers a true sense of who you are as a person. If you’re ready to get started, try this fun quiz to discover your aesthetic clothing style. You can even print out your results and display them on your bedroom wall so you’ll always have style inspiration at hand!