The Importance of Having a Strong Sense of Style


Style is the ability to present oneself with a distinct, coherent, and consistent appearance. Developing a personal style requires a lot of thought, experimentation, and patience but it can be incredibly rewarding and impactful. Unlike fashion, which is focused on the clothing itself, style focuses on the person wearing it. When done properly, a man’s style can serve as a powerful communication tool that speaks to others about him without words.

Most people are unaware that they already have a unique sense of style but have simply let it go by the wayside because they’ve misidentified their individual style type or because they aren’t taking the time to build their wardrobe on a strategic basis. Defining your style type and developing a distinctive look is the most important foundation you can build upon because it will guide you in choosing the most flattering pieces for your body shape, color palette, and personal style preferences.

Having a strong sense of style can also be invaluable in the workplace because it allows you to communicate your personal brand in a professional and confident manner. This will make you stand out from your competitors and help you to secure more job opportunities and advancements.

When describing one’s own style, people often use descriptive adjectives that evoke psychological states: “a fiery temper,” “a humorous style,” or euphemistically, “a theatrical style” or a “jazzy style.” Moreover, many of these characterizations shade over into intrasensory (synesthetic) descriptions, as in a person’s “sparkling” or “drab” style of dress.

Style is a fundamental component of literature because it helps to distinguish authors from one another and it can also transform the way that an audience thinks about a specific topic. Without a distinct authorial style, it would be difficult for a piece of work to be remembered or admired.