What Is Fashion?


Fashion is an industry, which deals with the production and distribution of fashion goods, which include apparel, shoes and accessories. It also encompasses advertising, marketing and promotion. In general, fashion refers to a style of clothing that is widely accepted and commonly worn by people of different ages, social groups, ethnic groups, and professions.

The term “fashion” was first used in the late middle ages. Later, in the 17th and 18th centuries, it became the term for a style of dress that was acceptable for the aristocracy and nobility. However, the word does not have a specific meaning in most cultures.

Today, the term is more often used in reference to popular styles of clothing. Some of the more common types of fashions are:

A simple line is a design element in a garment that has a narrow strip of fabric in its lower edge. Depending on the fabric, a simple line can be hidden or visible. Simple lines may also be called darts. Tucks are a method of manipulating the fullness of a garment. Usually, the tuck is a single inch in width. This tuck is created by sewing a row of stitches parallel to the fold of the fabric. Often, the tuck is trimmed with lace.

Darts are V-shaped tucks that are sewn into a garment to shape it. They most often appear at the back shoulder or the waistline. These are the primary means of manipulating the body fit of a garment. There are also other tucks such as pleats.

The term is also used to describe a type of decorative closure for a garment. Decorative closures are made from cord, braid, or other material. Such pieces are often seen in Chinese-influenced designs.

Another type of garment that uses a decorative closure is a camisole. Camisoles are often trimmed with eyelet embroidery. These are worn over a brassiere or corset and are usually a waist-length undergarment.

Many American designers have influenced the fashion industry, including Anne Klein, Tina Leser, and Claire McCardell. American fashions began to receive more serious recognition after World War II. During this time, manufacturers hired anonymous designers to create apparel bearing celebrity names.

In the 1960s, sheath dresses became popular. Sheath dresses have side seams that are shaped from the front and back of the garment. Side seams are also used to shape the bust. Typically, a sheath dress has vertical or diagonal darts at the side seams and a bust dart at the top.

Other types of sleeve are the funnel sleeve and the pagoda sleeve. These sleeve styles flare out at the bottom and widen at the wrist. Sometimes, the sleeve has a tongue and vamp cut in one piece.

The term “fashion” can also be applied to any kind of performing or behaving. Typically, a fad suggests caprice in taking up or dropping a fashion. Similarly, the phrase “fashionable” is used to describe someone who conforms to a fashionable style.