Why gamble with Bitcoin?

Gambling with bitcoins has exploded in recent years. The popular cryptocurrency was a godsend for the online casino industry, and many online sports clubs and online casinos now accept Bitcoin for deposits.

Bitcoin has also helped solve some of the problems players face when gambling online. Learn more about why you should gamble with Bitcoin, along with some of the benefits of using Bitcoin for sports betting and online gambling.

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Gambling with Bitcoin
There are two major reasons for using Bitcoin in online casinos and online sports betting. The first is that Bitcoin is a fast and secure way to send money to online casinos. All funds are sent via blockchain, which is more reliable than any other form of payment transfer currently available. Hackers cannot intercept your data or your assets.

Next, players use Bitcoin gambling as a way to earn extra crypto. You can deposit money into a casino or sports book, place a few bets, play sports betting and shoot a big win. You can then withdraw these winnings to your Bitcoin wallet. It’s faster and cheaper than mining and it’s a lot more fun.

Why gamble with bitcoins

How to Play Casino Games Using Bitcoin |
If you are new to gambling with Bitcoin, you can check out our guide to buying Bitcoin. Otherwise, we will assume that you know the basics of how to buy Bitcoin and use them. There are several ways you can play in online casinos and sports clubs using Bitcoin.

Most casinos will allow you to make a payment using Bitcoin, but then immediately convert it to fiat currency. You will then play bitcoin games with real money using fiat and then convert it back to Bitcoin BTC before you cash.

Top Bitcoin gambling websites offer BTC games. These games allow you to gamble with Bitcoin using satoshi rather than fiat currency. BTC games include standard casino games, live trading games, card games and dice games. These games mostly use a proven fair model of games. Provably fair games allow you to check each bet placed to make sure it was fair.

Quick deposits and payouts with Bitcoin
Većina prigovora koje čujemo od igrača online casina odnosi se na postupke pologa i isplate. Neki načini pologa, kao što je PayPal, ograničeni su u određenim zemljama. Druge metode pologa, poput e-Čekova, mogu zahtijevati dodatnu obradu prije nego što vaša sredstva budu dostupna.

Kada se kockate s bitcoinima, izbjegavate probleme s kojima se mnogi susreću s uplatama depozita koristeći fiat valute. Budući da je Bitcoin dereguliran, što znači da ga ne kontrolira vlada ili bankarska industrija, može se koristiti bilo gdje u svijetu.

Kada položite i povučete pomoću Bitcoina, transakcije su brze. Sve što trebate je pričekati provjeru transakcije na blockchainu. Prosječni casino zahtijeva tri provjere na blockchainu kako bi uplatio polog. To obično traje oko 10 minuta. U nekim je slučajevima gotovo trenutno.

One of the frustrating parts of online gambling is cashing in. It takes many casinos days or even weeks to process your withdrawal. You will not have these problems when monetizing using Bitcoin. To withdraw, enter the amount you wish to withdraw along with the address of your Bitcoin wallet. That’s it!

Once you submit your request, your funds will be sent to your account within minutes, instead of days. The only exception to this rule are Bitcoin gambling websites that manually process withdrawal requests. You may have to wait one day for these websites. This is because the agent must initiate Bitcoin transactions. Even with manual processing, you will get money much faster than most online casinos.

Avoid casino fees with Bitcoin betting
Most casino sites use third party payment services for deposits and withdrawals. These services are not cheap, and casinos often pass the costs on to players in the form of fees.

Depending on how you use the deposit, these fees can be up to 5 percent. That’s $ 5 out of every $ 100 you deposit to go to the casino for fees.

When you gamble with Bitcoin, you avoid these transaction fees. This is because third-party processors are not required for casinos that accept Bitcoin.

However, the fees for the miners are still valid. Fees for miners are collected in the blockchain and do not go to the casino. As such, before making a payment, make sure you add enough to cover these fees.

Special bonuses for Bitcoin deposits
If you plan to deposit using Bitcoin, check out the casino’s promotional offers. Many bitcoin casinos offer bonuses exclusively for Bitcoin players. The most common is a deposit bonus, also known as a welcome bonus. This will give you a bonus on your first deposit. Often the Bitcoin welcome bonus is higher than the standard bonus for fiat players.

Once you play your deposit bonus, many casinos and sports books offer a reload bonus for future deposits. Reload bonuses are generally not that lucrative, but will give you extra money to play.

Frequently asked questions about Bitcoin gambling
How can I get Bitcoin?
Acquiring Bitcoin can be very easy or somewhat difficult, depending on where you live.

U mnogim je zemljama stjecanje Bitcoina jednostavno poput prijave za internetsku razmjenu i kupnje neke kriptovalute pomoću kreditne kartice ili bankovnog transfera. Cijeli postupak može trajati samo 15 minuta.

Međutim, postoje neke zemlje u kojima je to puno teže i morat ćete pričekati tjedan ili dva da bi vaša kupnja Bitcoina prošla. Isplati se malo istražiti i pokušati otkriti najugledniju razmjenu u vašoj zemlji.

Postoje i neke druge mogućnosti osim razmjena. Jedan od načina je jednostavno dobiti prijatelja ili člana obitelji koji će vam prodati nešto Bitcoina. Drugi način je odlazak na jedan od mnogih fizičkih Bitcoin bankomata širom svijeta. Dati će vam papirnate potvrde s kodovima na njima koje možete unijeti u vašu digitalnu valutu ili Bitcoin novčanik.

It will take some time, but once you get used to the procedure and find a good exchange, the procedure is quite simple.

Is bitcoin gambling safe?
Bitcoin and crypto betting in general have repeatedly proven to be a reliable technology.

Over the years, there have been problems on some of the major crypto betting exchanges, but as long as you keep your Bitcoin in your private wallet, then it is 100% secure. Even most exchanges today are very reliable compared to previous years.

Of course, Bitcoin requires a little more knowledge than simply owning a bank account, so it’s worth exploring and just understanding what it means to keep a cryptocurrency.

Once you get Bitcoin on a gambling website, it should be very secure. It belongs to online casinos to protect your balance because no one will play on a site that is not safe.

Do many websites allow Bitcoin gambling?
Gambling with bitcoins is a bit misnamed because websites will technically convert to US dollars when you actually gamble. This was done to take advantage of a more stable US dollar.

You wouldn’t want half of your balance on your gambling account to disappear due to the violent fall of Bitcoin, so that’s probably a good thing in the long run.

If you are wondering if there are many gambling websites that allow Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals, the answer is a resounding yes. There are hundreds of them.

Many gambling websites also accept altcoins. Read our altcoin gambling guides below to learn more about the best gambling sites for every coin.

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How much does it take to deposit with Bitcoin?
A deposit on a gambling website or Bitcoin Casino using Bitcoin (or most cryptocurrencies) should not normally take more than 15 minutes.

You simply need to sign up for an account, get a Bitcoin address for the website and send any amount of Bitcoin you want for the balance in your account.

The whole process is simplified because you do not need to enter any bank details.

How long does it take to withdraw using Bitcoin?
Withdrawing from a gambling site via Bitcoin will take a little longer than laying, but still shouldn’t be longer than a few days. This will vary from site to site.

The actual Bitcoin transaction is very fast, but most gambling websites need to check the balance in your account and make sure the money is honestly earned on your website.

Once you make a few withdrawals, the process should become faster as you build trust in a particular place.

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