The Concept of Style

The concept of style has been discussed in various forms of literature. Strunk and White first defined it in 1891 and later expanded upon the concept to encompass both prose and poetry. They outlined elements of style that vary from local to microscopic level, sentence to sentence. The definition of style is subjective, as critics’ judgments of a piece of work may differ. This makes the definition of the term of “style” all the more important.


A good example of style is the way a writer uses certain words and phrases. It includes proper spelling, punctuation, and typography. A good example of this is an article about the English language’s formal style. This type of article is referred to as an encyclopedia entry. It is often used as a reference tool and is useful for referencing different types of articles. However, it is possible to write a short story in an informal style without citing the dictionary or making changes to the wording.

A descriptive style is used to paint a picture in the reader’s mind, using sensory words. It is often used in fiction, poems, and novels. Persuasive style is used to convince readers to take a particular position or act. A good example of this would be a persuasive essay or cover letter. If the author is trying to persuade people to buy a product, they will use persuasive language.

A good style guide should provide examples of how to use the most appropriate style. The author should also know the context in which he or she is writing. In a formal style guide, the writer should avoid using excessive use of passive voice, if that is the case. When writing in a non-standard style, the reader should always be aware of the audience’s stance and intentions. An academic style should also be readable and easy to understand.

As a writer, it is essential to avoid drawing attention to one’s style. In addition to the content of your writing, it is important to choose a style that fits your audience. A descriptive style is one of the most popular types of prose and is used in poetry. A persuasive style is a good way to persuade readers. The best way to do this is to create a story that is based on your readers’ needs.

A style guide will help you make your writing more interesting and effective. It can help you improve your writing by applying the right formatting. A good writer will never use the wrong spelling or grammar. They must make their reader’s experience enjoyable. And they should avoid making mistakes that will only damage their credibility. For instance, a sentence in a novel can be too long for the audience to follow the rules. This is why it’s vital to have a strong writing style.