A Look At Fashion

Fashion is an art form of dressing and self-expression in a particular context and time, of particular dress, footwear, fashion accessories, cosmetics, hairstyle, body posture, and personal attitudes. The word means a style defined as what is currently fashionable. A trend is not a product of individual taste. The term has been used so many times in the popular press, television, music videos, books, and magazines that it has become an everyday expression for the masses to declare their feelings about any subject.


Fashion is not a one-time trend that goes through phases. Trends are cyclical in nature; when they end, another new trend begins. A social status is different in fashion than in other types of social communication. Fashion trends are determined by the continuous interaction of people with each other through fashion.

Fashion trends are not restricted to a particular culture or class of people. All cultures have produced their own styles and fashions. Everyone has an individual style and there is no way to say “Look at me I’m different from everyone else” except to acknowledge the individual. Fashion, because it can be perceived by an individual of any age, race, or social status has increased through the centuries.

The individual’s perception of fashion also determines the fashion style. The individual’s fashion style changes as society changes, as fashions change, as individual tastes change. One fashions may reflect past times in fashion and another may reflect present times. People change fashions based on the individual’s opinion of fashion and the individual’s reaction to the fashion styles of others.

One of the primary reasons why fashion changes is the economic structure of the world. Changes in the economy, inflation, increasing/decreasing income levels, social awareness of fashion, all of these factor into fashion styles. Economic globalization has also changed the fashion industry. Places such as India, China, South Korea, and Vietnam have become major players in the fashion business and have created numerous fashion trends.

The fashion industry is extremely diversified. There are numerous areas in the fashion industry. Some areas are apparel and apparels, accessories/ Fashion Design, cosmetics/ Cosmetics, handbags and purses, jewelry and fashion accessories. Within each of these areas there are hundreds if not thousands of different styles. The clothing styles are extremely varied.

Fashion designers work with many different industries to develop new styles. Fashion designers can work for a manufacturer or a retailer. Retailers are the ones who sell the fashion product to consumers. Manufacturers produce the products and they are the ones who sell them to retailers.

Another way that people react to fashion is by the way they wear it. If something is not looked at well or if it is worn badly, it may be remembered and considered a trend breaker. Trend breakers can be anything from tight jeans to baggy pants and even shorties. So, regardless of whether the fashion is wearing a button down shirt or a boot-cut t-shirt, everyone will notice the new fashions.