Using Microsoft Word’s Built-In Styles


Using Microsoft Word’s Built-In Styles

In our world today there are many different ways to express yourself but what is style really? Simply put style is defined as having a specific manner of saying or doing something, or generally refers to a specific style of dress or manner of wearing clothes. An example of style would be the way in which you learn to dress casually. An example of style can be expressed by how a person dresses down in public.

Style can have many different styles of dress down. For example, you may use the word casual when it means wearing something around your neck and legs, or you could use the word casually to mean around your waist. The problem with this is that casual does not mean looking cool. A casual dress down message could be interpreted as looking sloppy and being uncoordinated. Learning to use the right sentence structure with the right word choice will help you to effectively convey the right style and the appropriate message.

Some of the most common styles are the descriptive style, persuasive style, the argumentative style, and the authoritative style. Each of these has very different requirements to convey. For the descriptive style, you are mainly concerned with giving information about your topic. You need to make sure you describe your topic accurately and not just give an opinion. The next step up from the descriptive style is called the authoritative style. With this style you are able to use very direct, it is almost shouting your message to the crowd.

The third style that is one of the most commonly used, is called the persuasive style. This style tends to make you tell a story instead of showing a solution or providing proof, which makes it easier for people to listen to you. One of the advantages of using this style is that you will often have less background noise and will be able to convey a lot more information in less time.

These three styles are the most common but they don’t necessarily fit everyone. If you are unsure which style you should use, you can test each of them by using the edit tab command in Microsoft Word. If you find that using certain formatting styles work better for you in certain situations, then you know you have found your style.

These are just some of the built-in styles that Microsoft Word has. If none of the built-in formatting options work, then you can learn how to customize your own. For example, using bold and italics is an easy way to get attention and format text. Another custom option that you can learn how to use is aligning your text right or left. Even if it is not listed here now, it will be once you become more experienced with using Microsoft Word.